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Complete blends of spices, ingredients and additives to make ready to eat products.  The DOSCADISH range is designed for traditional, innovative products taking into account the preferences of different markets in terms of appearance and flavour.


Formulations in this range can be combined with all kinds of spices to customise flavours.


Formulations in the Doscadish Range

  • C. ENCOLANTE E82 250 g/kg
    Blend for adhesive based on flours, gum and natural colourings, designed to perfectly fix breadcrumbs, cereals or mixtures to any kind of food. 


  • C. ENCOLANTE E76 75 g/kg
    Blend based on gums and milk products to obtain a highly viscose adhesive for general use. 


  • C. BASE CREMA QUESO BA25030 g/kg
    Blend with no flavours to use as a cream base for sterilisable, lactose free cheese. Add the necessary milk proteins, salt and fat separately.
  • C. BASE CREMA BA520 20 g/kg
    Blend for a base with no flavours, low in salt, suitable for making all kinds of meat product creams. It does not contain nitrifying organisms. 


  • C. CROQUETA DE CARNE PR50 40 g/kg
    Colourless blend with fibres and proteins to make meat croquettes and meatballs with medium performance and home-made flavour.
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