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Oleoresin of paprika (capsicum annuum) is the homogeneous concentrated liquid extract of the paprika obtained in the form of a mid-viscosity oil, with an intense red colour and a smooth aroma typical of paprika. It is very fluid at room temperature, which facilitates its use. In dealing with an extract of essential pepper oils, it is very soluble in fats and is not soluble in water.

It contains natural antioxidants and a variety of essential oils, which improve the stability of the colour in the finished product.


It is used as a natural food colouring to give an intense red colour to foods during their liquid or viscose base, substituting in part the paprika and thus improving the texture and palatability of a given product.



For use in sauces, soluble in water.


This is a natural food colouring which is used to give an intense red colour during their liquid or viscose base.


This oil is the result of the process of extraction of the paprika.

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